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Tensegrity Movement provides immediate and lasting solutions for chronic pain while bringing structural balance and integrity to each person according to their intrinsic design.

Tensegrity is a concept put forth by architect Buckminster Fuller, presenting architectural 'bodies' in which component parts and systems are in relation to each other in a tensional integrity, or more simply, in a balance of push and pull.

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As human beings, we are holistic compositions of components, in a dynamic dance of tension and compression, or push and pull.

We are Tensgrities in motion.


Tensegrity Movement is a therapeutic system for fine tuning the relationships of push and pull in our bodies and our movements.


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Julie, Ambassador at

National MS Society at NYC-Southern

New York Chapter, Ambassador at


"I started working with Will nearly two years ago. As a multiple sclerosis patient, it is very important that you find someone that understands your illness and limitations. Will is knowledgeable, insightful and genuinely caring. Since he began working on me, I have noticed a marked difference in balance and stamina. I have tried group classes and find that his small group and one-on-one classes really allow him to provide the personal attention that most others miss. He goes above and beyond to ensure comfort while also knowing how to push and inspire you in a way that will motivate and provide the best results. He really is one of a kind and I could not recommend anyone higher."

Jim, Senior Project Manager at

O&M Business Group

"For the past 6 months I’ve been dealing with a severe shoulder / rotator cuff injury that’s been extremely painful and debilitating from a mobility standpoint.  I’ve been advised by an Orthopedic Surgeon that I need surgery but because of my busy work and travel schedule, I’ve been putting it off.  I had tried various forms of massage to ease the pain and provide me with enough mobility that would allow me to do my job, but I had yet to find anyone that could help me until I met Will.  After Will spent just a few minutes doing focused massage on my back and shoulder, I felt immediate pain relief.  I could feel the difference from my shoulder all the way down to my fingertips.  When he was finished, I could actually move my arm in multiple directions and extend my reach far beyond what I’d been able to in over 6 months with very little pain.  For the first time in a long time I slept the entire night without waking up to shoulder pain.  What a relief!   Thanks Will!"

Melanie, Nurse Practitioner at Ft. Hamilton Army Base, Brooklyn, NY

"I was going to try and book an appointment for physical therapy, but I told myself, ‘just go see Will’…”

-M, nurse, Ft. Hamilton Army Base."

James, Professor at Parsons The New School for Design; former U.S.Representative to Intersource Enterprises LLC, Mexico

"Will has been excellent, he plays an integral roll managing my sciatic nerve and back pain. He has shown me great techniques, which I now use to exercise and strengthen the area to relieve the nerve pain. 


I look forward to continued work with him.  Big thanks to Will!"

Emily, colleague and student, Dharma Yoga Center, NYC

"Will, …Just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think you are!! I'm so glad our paths finally crossed - your class was great on Tues! - it's the piece I’ve been missing… the more personal connections, an intimate group experience, deeper explanations & knowledge, etc. Thank you so much for letting me partake in it.  I hope our connection can continue to grow - I really think you are great! :)"

Elena & Ben, graduate students at The New School University, NYC

“Will, Thank you for adding mindfulness to our lives, acceptance within our relationship and laughter to our hearts! We feel rejuvenated and reborn like babies! Thank You <3”