Our Yoga Classes

Tensegrity works with individuals, couples, groups, corporate clients, performers, etc, in classes, workshops, and retreats.
The breadth and scope of Will's practices are extensive and unique, his professional network is broad, and his training runs deep. 


Yoga & Wellness Consulting

Work with Tensegrity Movement consultants to weave your ongoing wellness and performance goals into your daily life.


AcroYoga Workshops

Optimize the feedback loop between your personal practice and your engagement with teams and every relation around you.


Teacher Trainings​

Blend Tradition with Innovation through Tensegrity Movement Teacher Trainings!


Corporate Wellness​

As  individual members of our teams and our larger communities, we only truly find meaning in our relations with others.  The health and wellness of every member of a team leads exponentially to the evolution of All.


Give yourself and your child the gift

of nature and nurture with practices based in awareness,  support and empowerment.